Monday, 4 November 2013

Copyrights are serious business

When working with various books, literature, articles, or authorship of any kind, there is normally an issue of protection on these works; this form of protection is called a copyright. Copyrights, in their simplest terms are, rights issued to the author or authors for giving them sole authorship and protection on their works. Copyrights can also be obtained for music as well. What this means is that if someone wanted to use a piece of work written or musical that was not owned by them, they would have to request legal permission to do so. And many times, when this occurs, they would also have to pay a fee to be licensed the right to use the works. Along with this licensing would come a set of guidelines which they had to abide by, or else there could be legal action against them. A copyright is very serious business for the person who has the rights to it. A copyrights are one of the three forms of Intellectual Property Protection, the other two are patents and trademarks. A copyright can be obtained by submitting a piece of original work to the United States Copyright Office for a copyright. The United States Copyright Office would have to look over the work and go through a procedure to validate an approve the work. If it was approved or denied, the person requesting the copyright would be notified. Copyrights are a safe and smart way of legally securing any composition that is your own.

However, Copyrights, like other Intellectual Property are only given for a period of time. Once the copyright has expired on a piece of work it becomes “public domain” meaning that anyone can use it. Copyrights are an interesting and effective way to take care of the works that you have created and to make sure that your rights are being upheld. If you have a piece of work that is currently protected under a copyright, but you feel that it is being infringed upon by someone or some company, contacting an attorney who is well-versed in copyrights could be a safe start to alleviating your worries or moving forward towards legal actions if your concerns are found to be valid. By initially filing for a copyright, you have already found the necessity and desire to keep your work safe and the credit belonging to you. But if your work is being used without your permission, you have the right to fight to get the credit or some form of payment for the wronging towards you. But if you are someone who is working on a project and would like to use someone else’s work in conjunction with your work, you should contact an attorney to start looking for a way to gain the rights to the particular piece of work you want. If you use anything without gaining permission, you are stealing and liable for punishment. It is best, and more cost effective to take the proper action in gaining access to other’s works, by asking for permission or licensing the rights to use their work. Copyrights are a serious form of protection for Intellectual Property, and copyright infringement is a serious offense. Take care in protecting your rights or gaining the rights to works, because the matter of legal rights is a delicate situation.

Safeguarding your ideas: Patent Attorneys

The world we live in is ever-changing. The climate is always changing, the government is always adding new laws and getting rid of older ones. People are always redefining their images to fit with their current frame of mind. And of course, technology and various other items are always being invented, reinvented, expanded, shrunk down, made portable, or they undergo any other type of modification. For the inventor, the world we live in is accepting of any new and interesting idea. And with all these claims of invention come patents. Patents are licenses granted to exclude others from taking claim to one’s work. When obtaining a patent, instead of venturing on your own, it is best to initially consult a patent attorney. The patent attorney is someone who has a vast breadth of knowledge about patents. From how to obtain them, to what exactly a patent entails, to what constitutes violating a patent, and everything in between. Patent attorneys are knowledgeable of what it takes to get a patent and how long the process will be. Any patent attorney will be able to direct you on the right path to claiming your product, invention, or discovery as your own. As you are considering whether or not you should get a patent, you should talk to a patent attorney or various patent attorneys about the benefits of patenting your work. Another thing you should inquire about is the cost of getting patent. The cost not only mean monetary expense, but the cost of getting patent and expanding on the work you have already done. You could ask your patent attorney about getting another patent for a work that you have been expanding on over time. The issues when it comes to patenting are complex, and patent attorneys know how and what to look for regarding legal issues.

If you have already filed for a patent on an invention or a design of your on, you may be feeling secure in your choice. But if you have any concerns that come about before you are going to do anything with your patented item, you should seek the expertise of a patent attorney, because they will be able to tell you what you are able to do within the legal limits. This is merely to make sure that you are able to move forward with your business or other endeavors without violating any of the laws you have agreed to. Seek the advice of patent attorneys as well if you have a patent but you fear that someone has violated the terms of your patent. Even if you are unsure of whether or not your fear is valid, it is better to make sure that your rights are secure and no one has violated your patent. If some has done so, then you and your patent attorney can discuss the best route to go to in regards to legal action. Whether or not you can settle the issue out of court, or if it is imperative that both parties go to court. When facing legal issues, it is best to arm yourself with knowledge and experience, because those two things will be able to bring success to you and to protect your endeavors. Patent attorneys are here to help you with all of your patent questions, qualms, or needs.

Should you consider using a Patent Lawyer

If you are a creative person who has come up with an interesting and possibly revolutionary item or concept, one of the things you may thing about his how to protect this item or concept that you have conceived. No one likes having their ideas stolen and used without their consent. If you are worried that your design could fall victim to such a fate, you may want to turn to someone for professional guidance. The professional best suited to help with safeguarding your design is a patent lawyer. Patent lawyers are professionals dedicated to preserving the designs, discoveries, ideas, and inventions of men and women all over the world. From the tiniest invention, to the biggest piece of machinery, patent lawyers know what is valuable and what needs to be protected from falling into the wrong hands. Patents requests are filed and awarded through the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States. This office is responsible for looking over the item in question, taking into consideration it’s value and if it is deemed worthy of protection from claims other than the one person who has brought it forth, a patent might be awarded. Patent lawyers understand the full scope of patent, a trademark, a copyright and all the various distinctions of licenses that can be made on items, products, and so on. By inquiring with a patent lawyer about how to acquire a patent, the application procedure, and by having a full knowledge of your item and the benefits of the item you are bringing to the patent field. You are arming yourself with the necessary knowledge of gaining a patent.

And if you already have been awarded a patent for a design of yours, but you feel that your patent has been encroached upon or breached by someone, a patent lawyer can help you to go over your situation. If there is any evidence that foul play has occurred concerning your invention or a patent, patent lawyers know what your rights are and how to help you go about obtaining payment for the action that has been caused against you. Patents are licenses for your ideas and designs, if you have obtained a patent but feel that your rights have been violated, you should feel free to contact a patent lawyer for help. They will be able to identify your issue or alleviate any worry that you have regarding your work. When contacting a patent lawyer, you should find one that is within your state, preferably close to you to make traveling easier for you and your lawyer. It is also in good practice to find one a patent lawyer that is you feel you can work well with and one that understands exactly what you are looking to do. The more experience your patent lawyer has, the more beneficial he or she may be to helping you with your cause. Patent lawyers are beneficial resources to use in initially understanding and preserving your rights, as well as a great resource for fighting for your rights and a creative mind or designer.

Is a patent worth it?

If you are an inventor and you have created a revolutionary product or if you are just an average person and you have created a product that may make the chores of everyday living easier and more manageable, you may want to look into getting a patent for your product or your invention. What is a patent? Patents are rights licensed by the United States through the Patent and Trademark Office to an inventor of individual who has submitted an invention or creation for patent. The patent excludes others from being able to make, market, or sell the invention that the patentee has been licensed. Patents are given for a specific period of time to the patentee. If the rights of the patentee are infringed upon, or the product is manufacture without legal licensing from the patentee there could be legal issues that come about. Patents are very serious business because the are protecting the rights of ones product or ones concept from being marketed and profited upon by other sources. If the submission goes through the Patent and Trademark Office and is successful, on average the patentee will have the patent for somewhere between 17 to 20 years. However, just because patents are acquired by an inventor or a company, it does not mean that they are the sole ones who can produce a particular product or good. Instead, through more legal work, they can have others make the product for them, but that is a lot more legal issue that necessary now.

Patents are important for keeping an idea safe or for making sure that the rights of inventor are being preserved. But if a person is given a patent, it does not mean that they can just go right ahead a make the item if it is going to harm anyone or violate any withstanding laws. A patent is merely for excluding people from being able to someone’s invention. It does not surpass any laws that are in place, protecting people from harm. Anyone can apply for patents if they have original ideas that they would like to keep protected. But patent lawyers are the ones to seek out if you want to make sure the patent you are looking into getting can be attainable and is beneficial to your work. You may also want to seek out a patent lawyer if you have received a patent, but you feel that your rights as the patentee are being infringed upon by others. Patents, like any other type of licensing or law, is in place to protect your rights as a creator and inventor and sometimes a producer. If you feel that your rights are being encroached upon, seeking out a patent lawyer could be beneficial to your state of mind and to your original ideas. Protecting your ideas, products, rights, and anything else is possible through the help of a patent lawyer. Your original ideas are worth the trouble, especially if you have strong conviction that they will one day benefit the community around you, or even the world.

To trademark or not to trademark

If you are in a business that produces a product under a certain label, you may be cognizant of the concept of a trademark. However, if you are a fledgling entrepreneur or a self-starting small business owner with a product line that is important to you, you may want to look into getting a trademark for your products or services. Trademarks are one of the three main types of Intellectual Property Protection, the other two being your patents and copyrights. A trademark is a symbol that a specific item, service, or name is solely associated to your specific business. To obtain a trademark, there is a process you will have to go through with filing a request for a trademark through the Patents and Trademark Office of the United States. This office reviews and either approves or denies the requests for patents and trademarks, as it reflects in the name. A registered trademark is one that can only be used by the company who has filed for it to be registered to them. If any other company tries to use any aspects which are solely designated under that trademark, a lawsuit can be filed against the offender. There are such things as unregistered trademarks, which can be protected on a smaller scale by law. Instead of being punishable throughout the nation, the unregistered trademarks are almost only able to punish those who are in close proximity to the their company.

If you own or are starting up a small business and you want to protect your product line, the logo associated with it, or any other aspects that could be protected under a trademark, you may want to seek the expertise of a attorney. There are attorneys specialized in the three types of intellectual property protections: patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Before you send your products into the world, you may want to inquire about the benefits of getting a registered trademark. These specialized attorneys will be able to fill you in on your rights as a business owner and operator. They will be able to fill you in on the cost of getting a trademark, as nothing is free in this world. By seeking out an expert, you are showing your conviction and dedication to your product, and you are giving yourself a safety net to make sure that your product is secured in case someone likes your ideas more than you know. And if you have a line with a trademark and you feel that the is infringement going on against your work, seeking out an experienced attorney to help you identify illegal actions taken against your line may be highly beneficial. If you put forth false allegations towards another company, you might damage your reputation. But with the help of an attorney, you will be able to pick appropriate action to right a wrong done to you, or to alleviate your worries about the competition. Trademarks are a very safe way for you to safeguard your company and to make sure that your product elements solely a part of your line of product cannot be taken and duplicated without consent. Trademarks are imperative to keeping the originality and uniqueness of your work, your product or your line, your own.

The Use of Patent Laws

In the United States, the government protects various aspects of rights. They government has established laws to protect us as human beings, has established rights to protect businesses from one another, and has established rights and laws for products and other amenities. The United States has even created a system for preserving rights when it comes to ideas, product concepts, scientific breakthroughs, technological software and various other things. The rights to these items are protected by patent laws. A patent law gives the patentee recognition that they are the ones to create or identify something. It gives the power of exclusion of the patent law to the patentee, so others are not allowed to try to market, produce, or take claim on something that was not originally theirs. The Patent and Trademark Office of the United States is the organization that the patent requests come through. They are the office that determines patent law and judges whether these requests constitute protection under patent law. Normally, when one hears the word “patent” they think of an invention. But that is not always the case. Patent law can reside over something a simplistic as a design for a logo which someone has made and wants to retain the rights to. Patent laws can keep images that one creates for their own use of a product that they are working on. Patent laws could also protect a soda manufacturing company, for example, who has created a bottle that improves the taste of soda and environmentally safe. This is another category which would fall under a design side of patent law.

Then there are really specific types of patents, like plant patents, which fall under patent law, because they protect the identity of a specific type of plant. By issuing a plant patent, the person who has identified a new type of plant will be able to give specifications of the plant and make sure that no one else is able to identify it as their own. This is not to say that under patent laws that this person owns all exclusive rights to this variety of plant. Instead it merely gives this plant a name and specifications, and gives credit to the person who has identified it, so no one else could take credit for finding a new or unidentified type of plant. Patent laws are not in place to monopolize any particular product field or any scientific field, patent law is merely to protect the rights of claims made by one person or by a company to a product, design, plant identification, or any number of other items that can be claimed. What one business or one person has come across through research or artistic expression is of their concern and should not be manufactured or marketed without their consent. The patent laws created are to inspire others without stealing the work they have done. Instead inspiration and ingenuity can go a long way in competition of the business world and in the expansion of creativity in the arts. The use of patent law is merely to protect one’s creative rights or design, while inspiring others to go above and beyond, though this is never explicitly stated. Patent laws are in integral part of the developing, creative world that we live in.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trademark Attorney

There are many lawyers today who specialize in different areas of law. If you want to hire a lawyer, then you go to that lawyer who specializes in a particular field to which your case in related to. You pay them their commission and hire them for your case. Many top lawyers charge their clients to fight only those cases, in which they specialize in. They do not take up cases which do not belong to their trait. Like administrative law, civil law and criminal law, there is another law called as the trademark law. And, the lawyer or attorney who specializes in this field of law is known as a trademark lawyer or a trademark attorney.

A trademark attorney or a trademark lawyer is the person who qualifies in acting in the matters, which involves trademark laws and practices. These trademark attorneys also provide their clients on legal advice regarding trademarks and design trademarks matters.

In many countries like the UK, trademark attorneys are recognized as a separate legal profession. Along with many solicitors and barristers, many of the lawyers have been recognized as lawyers by the Legal Services Act in 2007. In jurisdictions of other countries like the United States, this profession of trademark law is least clearly defined although trademark attorneys have become a part of every general legal profession.

In other words, trademark attorneys are those legal attorneys who are specialized in trademark matters. In many countries, before IP courts, the trademark attorneys have unique rights of audience along with some benefits from the privilege of client/attorney. Unless these trademark attorneys become the members in the overall general legal profession like in the US, these attorneys are limited only to trademark matters only and the right to appear usually in Court.

A trademark attorney usually begins his career by practising a trademark attorneys firm or a firm which has patent attorneys who are in department specialization in the trademark field. Nevertheless, with large multi-discipline increasing law firms are getting established in the field of trademark attorney practices. Many big companies also hire trademark attorneys for their companies. Such companies have many interests in trademarks for which they need a trademark attorney. These trademark attorneys just deal with the company’s own matters.

There are some responsibilities, which a trademark attorney has to take care of. Some of them are given below:

• A trademark lawyer advises on the selection and adoption of new trademarks for the company.
• Advises on many related trademark infringement matters
• Prosecutes and files all the applications in registering trademarks
• A trademark lawyer also handles trademark assignments, revocations, oppositions, and invalidations
• A trademark lawyer advises on the registration and use of trademarks
• He carries out the searches required.

If you are opening a new business or you are an entrepreneur who is launching a new company, a new service, a new product, then you have to establish the trademark rights for your company. So, hire a trademark attorney to lead you in all these things.